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Clear Away the Mess to Reveal Your Beautiful Home

Clear Away the Mess to Reveal Your Beautiful Home

Call a debris pickup service in Hopewell Junction, NY and Surrounding Areas

Construction sites aren’t known for being neat and tidy. After a remodeling project, the area around your house can look like a bomb went off. Fortunately, Junkman Carting Service, LLC is here for you. We’ll pick up and haul away your:
  • Sheetrock
  • Metal studs
  • Old cars
  • Demolished shed
  • Trailer
  • Mobile home
  • Lumber

Enjoy your brand-new space without stressing about the mess left behind by the construction crew. Call 845-896-5865 to schedule a pickup at your Hopewell Junction, New York property.

Our construction debris removal pricing

Our construction and demolition cleanup services don’t come with a fixed pricing structure like our other services do. When you contact Junkman Carting Service, LLC, we’ll go over your needs and give you an estimate of the cost of your debris removal. Do you only have a couple of items that need to go? We charge a $75 minimum fee for smaller pickups.

Reach out to Junkman Carting Service for an estimate on your construction debris removal.